How Can I Help?

For the workers who went on strike in Jordan, the battle goes on even though they have returned home. For everyone who used the information that was provided here to write an urgent letter to retailers who were buying from Jordan’s sweatshops, a huge thanks to you.

Now please consider contacting your local Vietnamese embassy and urging the diplomats there to send this message up the chain of command:

International pressure is growing for the Vietnamese government to intervene on behalf of the workers, who are burdened with crushing debts owed to banks and loan sharks. They face the possibility of losing their land and other property used as collateral. Because these debts were incurred to pay placement fees/deposits to Vietnamese export firms that made fraudulent claims to lure the workers to Jordan, the deposits should be refunded or the bank loan repayment waived.

You can Google the location of the Vietnamese embassy closest to you, or try using this locator.

At the moment, there are no specific appeals for action on behalf of the workers at Polar Twin Advance. However, please watch this space for more action alerts, as there may be heads of firms who need to hear from you! For now, you can still:

– Tell a friend about human trafficking.

– Tell your family about human trafficking.

Buy products made by survivors of trafficking.

Check out these videos from UNODC to learn more about trafficking.

– Write a letter to your elected representative.

Use your voice to make modern-day slavery, trafficking survivors, and the T-visa program priorities for DC decision-makers.

To locate your representative, click here.

Don’t know how to start? Click here.

– Watch a movie.

Make a free movie night and invite your friends to get to know about human trafficking through the movie TRADE.

Volunteer or intern at BPSOS; there are 14 branch offices nationwide.

– Start a petition. Either door to door or online with an email chain.

– Start a fundraiser to raise money for victims of trafficking.

– Protest.

It can be a simple protest of the big chain stores that employ trafficked laborers or as difficult as a massive demonstration on National Mall in Washington, DC.

– Donate to BPSOS to fund our groundbreaking programs in Malaysia.

– Be vigilant! Trafficking happens everywhere, even in the United States.

Inform suspected victims about BPSOS and the Trafficking Information and Referral hotline: 1-888-373-7888

Click here to learn how to spot possible victims of trafficking.


  1. Dear human right fighting ladies, I urge you to be strong and stay true to your course. Do not allow anything to stop you in this fight because, freedom is not free and womens right here in the United States and else where was not won by giving up.
    I want to let you know that women everywhere are behind you. We will support you with our prayers and finance. I will pass this message to my fellow cohort at the school of social workers and we will jointly write to Mr. Joesph Neubauer The CEO of Aramark and MR. David Gochman t and pressure them to take action about your situation.
    God bless you in your fight for justice. I am
    behind all the way.
    God Bless you as you stand your grounds and never give up.
    Angela Brewer

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