Posted by: BPSOS | June 22, 2009

Key Briefs & Reports: Jennifer Pham Reports on Conditions of Vietnamese Workers in Malaysia

farm labor Vietnam Vietnamese BPSOS Boat People SOS CAMSA human trafficking seniors families health mental health Ủy Ban Cứu Người Vượt Biển UBCNVB nạn buôn người cao niên gia đình sức khỏeSome Vietnamese workers in Malaysia find the work easier than the grueling farm labor at home, according to Pham.

June 22, 2009: Here’s an update from Jennifer Pham, who has been generously volunteering her skills with the Penang office of the Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA):

“I am done with my part of the human trafficking PowerPoint presentation. This will be designed to introduce others to CAMSA and human trafficking. I also started working on a grant proposal to get more funds for the office.

I continued interviewing workers today. I’ve noticed that some workers like their lives in Malaysia more, or they feel that the work is easier in Malaysia (meaning easier than farming). However, they still miss and want to be with their families back home.”

Stay tuned for more updates from Pham, and to learn the latest on the Spektra Alucast strike, the struggle for justice at Winbond, the labor-management conflict at W&D Apparel and Aramark, the exploitation of workers at TTP Fabrication, possible remittances issues at Western Union, and to hear more about CAMSA’s new case management, outreach, and database systems.


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