Posted by: BPSOS | June 16, 2009

Key Briefs & Reports: Vietnamese Workers Heartened by Spektra Alucast’s Good-Faith Gestures

Spektra Alucast, Vietnam, Vietnamese, BPSOS, Boat People SOS, CAMSA, human trafficking,   Ủy Ban Cứu Người Vượt Biển, UBCNVB, nạn buôn ngườiJune 16, 2009: Spektra Alucast is showing signs of good faith, according to Penang-based staff of the Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA).

For the months of April and May, Spektra has provided the 30 workers at the center of a labor-management dispute with rice, vegetables, cooking oil, and salt. These basic amenities go a long way for the workers.

Moreover, as of June 5, Spektra Alucast representatives disbursed RM50 (roughly US$14 to each of the 30 workers. Thirteen of the 30 workers have signed documents confirming their desire to return to Vietnam. The remaining 17 workers want to continue their contracts with the firm.

The Penang office of CAMSA continues to monitor the situation and will provide further updates as the situation develops.


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