Posted by: BPSOS | June 1, 2009

Key Briefs & Reports: CAMSA Scores Victory for Vietnamese Workers at Lek Sun

Lek Sun Malaysia Vietnam Vietnamese BPSOS Boat People SOS CAMSA human trafficking Ủy Ban Cứu Người Vượt Biển UBCNVB nạn buôn ngườiJune 1, 2009: The Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA) has once again successfully intervened on behalf of Vietnamese guest workers in Malaysia, this time at Lek Sun Manufacturing.

In this case, six Lek Sun workers were forced to return to Vietnam without receiving full payment of their wages. Moreover, the employer intended to deduct taxes covering a three-month period in which the workers could not possibly have worked because they were being sent home before completion of their contracts.

Moving quickly, CAMSA intervened with management and was able to persuade the firm to pay the workers in full and eliminate the deduction of the three months of taxes.

CAMSA has now established a track record of success in championing the thousands of isolated and vulnerable Vietnamese guest workers in Malaysia. For more information, please click here to read about the latest on the Spektra Alucast case, and here to read about Polar Twin Advance.


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