Posted by: BPSOS | May 26, 2009

Key Briefs & Reports: Some Spektra Alcast Workers Receive Back Wages, Return to Vietnam

Spektra Alucast Vietnam Vietnamese BPSOS Boat People SOS CAMSA human trafficking   Ủy Ban Cứu Người Vượt Biển UBCNVB nạn buôn người  Malaysia SpektraMay 26, 2009: An undetermined number of the Vietnamese guest workers who had been brought to Malaysia to work for the firm Spektra Alucast have been paid the entirety of their back wages and have returned home.

However, a number of workers have decided to stay and are awaiting renegotiation of their contracts. For some of them, returning to Vietnam is simply not an option, as they are too poor and cannot find work back home.

“We’re pleased that justice has been done in the case of some of Spektra Alucast’s Vietnamese employees,” said a staff member of the Penang office of the Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA). “It’s too soon to say, however, what can and will be done to ensure that the remaining workers are treated justly.”

To read more about the Spektra Alucast case, click here.


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