Posted by: BPSOS | May 12, 2009

Trafficking News Round-Up: Filipino Police Chief Talks Trafficking in Hanoi; UK Loses Foreign Kids to Traffickers

radiotowerMay 12, 2009: This week’s news on trafficking and Vietnam ranges from the Philippines to – for the latest of many unfortunate weeks – the United Kingdom.

From the Philippines’ Inquirer comes the news that the country’s chief of police is visiting Hanoi along with his counterparts from other Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) states.

The May trip by the ASEAN national police chiefs is expected to cover a range of topics related to transnational crime, including human trafficking.

The Philippines has its own issues with Vietnam when it comes to trafficking.

Meanwhile, from the UK comes the news that a multinational human trafficking ring based out of countries including Vietnam has been preying on a supposedly safe house used by British authorities to warehouse foreign children who arrive at Heathrow Airport unaccompanied by adults.

According to a report by the nonprofit SOS Children’s Villages, citing the Guardian, “there is speculation that up to 40 children go missing from the residence each year, bound for lives of slavery and servitude in manual labor, restaurant serving, illegal drug manufacturing and prostitution all across Britain.”

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