Posted by: BPSOS | May 8, 2009

Resources: Meet the ‘The Slave Next Door’ to Your Home in America

Layout 1May 8, 2009: A new book by Ron Soodalter and Kevin Bales, The Slave Next Door, provides a chilling look into the world of human trafficking on American soil.

The authors uncover far too many cases of brutal treatment of trafficked workers to leave any doubts about America’s growing addiction to coerced labor.

One of the cases prominently mentioned in The Slave Next Door, that of the firm Daewoosa in American Samoa, is one which Boat People SOS helped bring to light and continues to help resolve.

The excerpt below describes the savage treatment that trafficking victims suffered at the hands of Daewoosa employees and management, who evaded justice until advocates and activists raised the alarm about conditions:

book page 1

book page 2

book page 3

You can order Ron Soodalter’s and Kevin Bales’ book, The Slave Next Door, at these online retailers:

For a limited time receive a special discount of 20% on The Slave Next Door when you enter source code 09W9108 into the shopping cart on

You can also find this book at your local bookstore.

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