Posted by: BPSOS | April 24, 2009

Key Briefs & Reports: Vietnamese Workers in Malaysia Fear Spektra Alucast Betrayal

rinApril 24, 2009: The Spektra Alucast case appears to be going from bad to worse: 31 workers are still stuck in Malaysia, and since their expired work permits have expired, they are now undocumented workers.

Spektra Alucast deserted these workers in August 2008, while still owing them two to six months of back wages. The workers have no money to return home and now face fines due to the expiration of their work permits.

Moreover, despite an earlier promise, the company has failed to send their plan to resolve the situation to the Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA).

A representative of Spektra Alucast’s human resources department signed a document agreeing to pay back wages, take responsibility for necessary travel documentation for repatriation, and give allowances to the workers for food and sustenance until the date of their repatriation.

The meeting with the representative was on April 17, but since then, CAMSA staff members have heard nothing from Spektra Alucast.

To read more background on the case, click here.


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