Posted by: BPSOS | April 23, 2009

Key Briefs & Reports: BPSOS Offers Services for Trafficking Survivors

eye-lost3On November 28, 2000, the Vietnamese workers at Daewoosa were attacked with PVC pipes by factory security guards, and one woman lost her eye.

April 23, 2009: Lisa Lynn Chapman, director of professional services for Boat People SOS, spoke to DC Stop Modern Slavery regarding BPSOS’ domestic trafficking program on Thursday, April 16.

The program, Victims of Exploitation and Trafficking Assistance (VETA), was established in 2000 to help serve the legal and social needs of 250 Vietnamese and Chinese individuals trafficked to the Daewoosa factory in American Samoa. BPSOS played a pivotal role in resolving the case; to learn more, click here.

Currently, the VETA works with clients from all over the world who have been trafficked into Houston or the greater Washington, DC area. BPSOS provides legal and case management services to help trafficking survivors establish a new life in the United States.

Chapman presented some surprising statistics regarding labor trafficking in the United States, including the fact that, of the foreign-born clients indentified, 63 percent were trafficked for labor and 33 percent are male.

To learn more about VETA, contact program staff at 703.538.2190 (DC area) or 281.530.6888 (Houston).



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