Posted by: BPSOS | April 13, 2009

Trafficking News Round-Up: Daewoosa Victims Still in Legal Limbo; China Claims Crackdown on Trafficking

daewoosa-wounds1A Daewoosa worker displays wounds suffered on November 28, 2000, when employees were attacked by factory security guards armed with PVC pipes.

April 13, 2009: This news round-up brings the latest on what ones hopes would have been a closed case after all these years: Daewoosa.

However, years after Boat People SOS played a key role in liberating hundreds of trafficked workers from virtual enslavement in a garment factory in American Samoa, the struggle of those victims continues.

According to an April 12 Associated Press article by Monica Rhor in The Houston Chronicle, “Daewoosa survivors have put down roots in Vietnamese enclaves like Houston, Seattle and Orange County … But they’re stuck in a legal limbo, still waiting for their long-promised green cards and often mistakenly denied public assistance, college financial aid and other benefits.”

BPSOS has been active in helping the Daewoosa survivors achieve stable lives in the United States. As one example, the article cites BPSOS’ role in helping the children of Daewoosa victims obtain the documents necessary to receive financial aid for college.

In other news related to trafficking and Vietnam, The China Daily reported April 11 on an alleged government crackdown on human traffickers in the wake of a spike in cases involving women and children.

One government official told the daily that the police would target offenders “who seduce or force children to beg on the streets or commit crimes, especially gang organizers.”

The article claims that teenagers are often smuggled over the borders of China’s southwest region and “into neighboring countries like Vietnam and Myanmar” where “teenage girls are frequently traded as sex workers and boys are often forced to work in illegal factories.”

This blog will continue to bring you round-ups of news on Vietnam and human trafficking on a weekly basis.


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