Posted by: BPSOS | March 30, 2009

Trafficking News Round-Up: Vietnamese Exploited in Malaysia Via Marriage Brokers, Labor Export Firms

earthMarch 30, 2009: Do you want to stay in the loop about how Vietnamese are being exploited and trafficked around the globe?

This blog will now feature regular round-ups of worldwide media accounts of human trafficking of Vietnamese. We’ll try to summarize not just the labor rights angle, but also other kinds of human trafficking schemes, for example, marriage brokers and adoption scams. This week, most of the news comes from Malaysia.

From The Malaysia Star comes a March 20 account of raids on prostitution rings that have recently netted 2,878, including 2,144 non-Malaysians. Of that number, 222 were Vietnamese.

“Most of the women, in their 20s, had been duped by unscrupulous agents who promised them jobs as maids or in factories but they ended up working as prostitutes, drug traffickers or guest relation officers (GRO) in night clubs,” a Malaysian official told reporters.

According to the article, the victims “just want to return to their country, and in order to send them home fast, police have to conduct the investigation faster.”

In a related report, on March 10 South Africa’s News24 outlined the case of a woman accused of trafficking young women to brothels in Malaysia. Police arrested Nguyen Anh Dung, 43, at Ho Chi Minh City’s international airport as she was preparing three women in their 20s for check-in for a flight to Malaysia.

Dung and two accomplices, one living in Malaysia, reportedly recruited the women and others like them in the rural province of Tay Ninh by claiming to have found them Malaysian husbands.

“In fact, they sent these people to Malaysia to work in brothels,” a Vietnamese police official told the local press. “When they arrived in Malaysia, they were sold for $3,000 each.”


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