Posted by: BPSOS | February 23, 2009

Key Briefs & Reports: CAMSA Consults Lawyer Regarding Alleged Abuse of Vietnamese in Sungai Petani

gavelFebruary 23, 2009: A summary of the Sungai Petani case has been sent to lawyers by the Penang office of the Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA). In order to effectively intervene in most cases, the office seeks advice from local lawyers who are familiar with Malaysian law.

The Penang office is also checking for the factors that comprise human trafficking: deception, exploitation, and the inability of victims to leave these exploitative conditions (this usually means the employer is holding on to the workers’ passports, effectively making it impossible for the workers to escape).

CAMSA’s strategy encompasses “tracing to the roots” and “multi-directional intervention.” This strategy starts with solid cases in destination countries. From such cases, we trace back through the trafficking chain, targeting all the key players in different “directions” (employers, Malaysian brokers, Vietnamese brokers, operatives, government officials, banking institutions, etc.) To maximize the effectiveness of this targeting, we mobilize resources, local and international, and use economic pressure, litigation, the weight of public opinion, and other tools.

CAMSA appreciates the work of our allies in Tenaganita and other local organizations. Our work would not be possible without theirs.



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