Posted by: BPSOS | February 11, 2009

Background: Wealth Gap Pulls Migrants Overseas, Spurs Human Trafficking

February 11, 2009: Ever wonder about the underlying reasons for human trafficking?

A good number of them, obviously, relate to the huge wealth gap between “developed” and “underdeveloped” countries. People frequently end up in other countries, whether they go voluntarily, are tricked, or are forced, because that’s where the money and the economic activity are.

This great map by Worldmapper provides a visual image of the wealth gaps as projected in 2015, and clearly mirrors earlier maps presented here that show the paths of human trafficking. Note the tiny size of Vietnam in terms of wealth, relative to nations in North America and Europe.

Also, try comparing this to Worldmapper’s population map, a projection for 2050. That will make clear some of the other pressures that make human trafficking one of the biggest issues of this century. Note how large Vietnam grows, compared to its wealth “size,” when considered in terms of population!


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