Posted by: BPSOS | December 16, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: CAMSA Deplores Winbond Working Conditions’ Toll on Vietnamese Domestics

ropeDecember 16, 2008: The Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA) is increasingly concerned about the mental and emotional toll that Winbond’s actions have taken on its Vietnamese guest workers. Staff on the ground in Malaysia report that some of the workers on whose behalf they are intervening have confessed to risk-taking behavior and suicidal thoughts.

CAMSA deplores the mental and physical strain that these workers have been subjected to by Winbond, a major Malaysian importer of Vietnamese labor, and the household employers to whom these workers have been contracted out. For more information on the isolation and stress inflicted on these workers (both deliberate and as a result of the working conditions of “ô-sin,” or Vietnamese domestics abroad), see the previous posts about the Winbond workers and the larger plight of the ô-sin.


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