Posted by: BPSOS | December 9, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: Domestic Worker Returns to Vietnam Safely and With Compensation

malaysia-tn2December 9, 2008: We have been following the struggle of Cao Thi Sach, a young woman employed as a domestic in Malaysia, to obtain fair compensation and escape an abusive workplace. Click here for background on the case.

Staff members of the goodwill embassy of the Coalition to Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA) in Malaysia, which has been intervening on Cao’s behalf, are glad to report that she has returned to Vietnam safely and with compensation, and that she has expressed satisfaction with how her case was resolved.

Cao’s case is a small one, but in some ways, this work is about establishing precedents. The fact that the Malaysian labor department ruled in Cao’s favor could reflect both a developing relationship with advocates for justice, and a recognition that the international labor export system can only work if it functions justly for both employers and guest workers. In that light, we applaud the Malaysian labor authorities for their principled stance on this case.

We look forward to keeping you informed of more cases where CAMSA is intervening to fight for the rights of Vietnamese guest workers.


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