Posted by: BPSOS | December 1, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: CAMSA Fights for Compensation for Cheated Worker in Malaysia

malaysia_p04money1December 1, 2008: The Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA) is working on behalf of yet another Vietnamese guest worker in Malaysia facing an employer intent on ripping her off. Cao Thi Sach arrived in Malaysia in June 2007 to work for IRM Industries, which specializes in non-ferrous metal and plastic materials, as well as recycling of plastic waste.

Cao was assigned to janitorial work at IRM. She also cleaned and served coffee and tea for her employer. However, her troubles began when she was told she had no choice but to eat at the company cafeteria.

When Cao refused, her employer began deducting RM44 (US$12) from her monthly salary. The employer was also deducting an additional RM150 (US$41) per month as a kind of tax, despite the fact that Malaysia’s labor laws only allow a monthly deduction of RM100 (US$27).

Cao found out about CAMSA’s goodwill embassy in Malaysia through her church. As soon as she contacted CAMSA, staff began working to intervene for her rights. Staff collected evidence of the pay cuts and confronted the employer at the Labor Department. After hearings there, department officials ruled in Cao’s favor. She will be fully compensated for losses resulting from her mistreatment!



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