Posted by: BPSOS | November 18, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: Unrest Spreads Among Vietnamese Guest Workers in Jordan

1152909355_maintrend1The Maintrend factory is the latest scene of labor-management disputes involving Vietnamese guest workers in Jordan.

November 18, 2008: The Vietnamese guest workers in Jordan seem increasingly willing to stand up for their rights. Already, at Maintrend, another Taiwanese-owned company just across the street from W&D Apparel, 60 Vietnamese workers are also demanding repatriation. Their story is not unlike that of their compatriots across the road abuse by management, a response by workers demanding their dignity, and an ongoing struggle to return to Vietnam.

The Vietnamese laborers at Maintrend originally numbered 153. They were sent to Jordan by the same labor export firms that sent workers to W&D Apparel. In March, 93 workers held a strike against the grueling working hours and low pay to which they were being subjected. Those 93 returned home at the same time as the 156 young women who had been working at W&D.

The Vietnamese workers aboard, though isolated and threatened, are willing to stand up and say “Enough!” Please add your voice to theirs by writing to the head of Aramark, one of W&D Apparel’s largest buyers. If enough consumers make their concerns known to Aramark, that pressure for human rights should be passed on down to W&D Apparel and other Jordan-based manufacturers.


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