Posted by: BPSOS | October 24, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: First Group of Repatriated W&D Workers Continues to Struggle

Home from Jordan, former W&D Apparel workers are joined by their parents in signing petitions calling on the government to relieve them from huge debts they owe as a result of fraudulent practices by labor export firms.

October 24, 2008: The workers repatriated from Jordan and their parents have been signing petitions asking the Vietnamese authorities to investigate and prosecute the labor export companies involved in trafficking.

The livelihoods and homes of these people are still in jeopardy because of huge debts they incurred in order to stake a claim to overseas jobs through the labor export firms. Authorities have yet to listen to their pleas, which include the argument that much of what the export firms told them was misleading or outright false. It’s not clear that the workers’ petitions will have much effect, because experts on the Vietnamese system have noted an increasingly cozy relationship between the labor export firms and government officials.


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