Posted by: BPSOS | October 21, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: Momentum Builds as Students Sign On to Aramark Campaign

October 21, 2008: BPSOS last Wednesday convened a meeting of Washington-area student leaders to launch the campaign to persuade Aramark to do the right thing. At the event, student leaders from Georgetown University committed to working to free the 105 Vietnamese workers still trapped in the W&D Apparel sweatshop in Jordan.

To secure the rights of the W&D workers, BPSOS is working with Vietnamese Student Associations and other Vietnamese campus organizations, as well as peace and justice groups nationwide. If you belong to an organization that we haven’t yet gotten around to contacting, please give a call to James Nguyen, BPSOS’ point person on this project, at 703.538.2190 or

To learn what you as an individual can do for this cause, please see the preceding post, which details how to contact Aramark directly to call on them to support the W&D workers.


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