Posted by: BPSOS | October 1, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: Strikes Resume in Jordan; Fields and Homes Threatened in Vietnam

October 1, 2008: There are still 105 Vietnamese workers at the W&D Apparel factory in Jordan, all but four of them women. They continue to be exploited, much like the 156 who earlier this year fought for and won the right to go home. So on September 24, the 105 guest laborers stopped work and demanded that they, too, be allowed to return to Vietnam.

As for the 156 who already made their way home with the help of international pressure, they are still facing the loss of their homes and farmlands because of large loans they took out to pay labor export firms. Had their revenues from the jobs overseas been what they were promised, it would have been possible to pay off these loans, but since they were cheated and exploited, naturally, repayment is next to impossible. As such, they stand to lose the houses and fields they used as collateral – now often their only means of surviving.


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