Posted by: BPSOS | September 26, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: More Vietnamese Workers in Jordan Put Up a Fight

September 26, 2008: The struggle for the rights of Vietnamese guest workers in Jordan has flared up again. Our readers will remember that some 170 Vietnamese workers at the W&D Apparel plant in Jordan fought and won, with help from international allies, to return home to Vietnam this summer.

Two days ago, the roughly 100 Vietnamese workers left behind in Jordan stopped work because they continued to be forced to work 14 hours a day and got paid only half of the amount promised in the contract (for 8 hours/day!). One worker, Nguyen Thi Sen, has been seriously ill and has asked to go home, but to no avail.

Information on the situation is scare, because this time, the company is blocking all of the workers’ attempts to communicate with the outside. We will continue to investigate and provide as much support to the workers as possible.


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