Posted by: BPSOS | August 26, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: Victory in Polar Twin Advance Case!

August 26, 2008: The Polar Twin Advance workers will receive assistance and will return home August 31!

That is the latest word from the negotiators. BPSOS, its human rights partners in Malaysia, and Polar Electro (the Finnish side, along with the Finnfund, of the joint venture company that pairs them with Malaysia’s Twin Advance Sdn. Bhd. to form Polar Twin Advance) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to ensure that a just solution is achieved. More details of the MoU will be forthcoming soon.

BPSOS would like to thank the many people and organizations who made this victory possible: the Finnish embassy, the United States embassy in Kuala Lumpur, a former business partner of PTA who came forth with valuable information, Malaysians who provided emergency relief to the workers, the Malaysian Trade Union Congress (Northern Region), Radio Free Asia, many Vietnamese-American news outlets, the many individuals who wrote articles about the Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery (CAMSA) presentation in Orange County and San Jose, and the sponsors who support our work.

We also want to thank you for following this case, and for your interest in the fate of the tens of thousands of Vietnamese guest workers around the world. We hope that you will continue to check this blog for news on the PTA and Jordan cases, as well as new interventions to safeguard Vietnamese workers’ rights. Please also read the “How Can I Help?” section above to learn more about positive steps you can take for trafficked workers from Vietnam and other exploited countries.


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