Posted by: BPSOS | July 25, 2008

Key Briefs & Reports: Progress for PTA Workers

July 25, 2008: In a victory for both the Polar Twin Advance workers and their supporters in the international solidarity movement, on July 24, Malaysia’s Industrial Relations Department (IRD) determined that PTA must pay back wages to the workers if it wishes to reinstate them. If PTA refuses to pay the back wages, the IRD will refer the case to the concerned minister, which in turn would lead the case to the Industrial Court.

Earlier, the workers went to the Labor Department with their lawyer, but did not file a case with the Labor Court. Their reasoning was that the Labor Court is not as effective of a tool for obtaining justice as the IRD and the associated court. Moreover, the judicial process in the Labor Court may drag on for months before a verdict is reached.



  1. The owner of PTA realy very bad.he cheat with his worker not only vietnamies with others too accordingly such Bangladeshi,indonesian,filipino and pakistani.
    But the worker unble to discuss about their problem as PTA mangement given punishment those come to talk with management such suspention,deduct salary.
    PTA always hold foreigner worker passport also renewal there visa by mental pressure even those complete their contact btween PTA.based on my empoloyee life past 8 yrs.PTA, I’ve seen lot of indon, filipino Bangladesh returned to Bangladesh with tear of any blance such empty pocket.some of filipino and indonesian just runway from PTA even never thinking what will be with them after runway.I still remember some of indon girl after 3 yrs complete contact want to retuned as they feel here is work nothing can get .the salary not enough for ownself how to send money for parents.then they runway and choose a agent who is fisherman to send them indonesia by a boat the cost is per person RM1500.the indon girls after 7 days arrived indonesia with very badly as the time was very bad sitiuation on the of Bangladeshi guy when he returned back his home town he just bring RM160 after 7 yrs worked.PTA didn’t pay his salary also others money which was PTA kept for him by monthly. this kind of lot of history of foreign worker what PTA making…….,not only me almost employee know very well.if you like to know more pls. email me I’ll provide you the victim names and contact

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