Posted by: BPSOS | July 10, 2008

In the News: Radio Free Asia Covers Polar Twin Advance Controversy

The Polar Twin Advance dormitory for workers.

July 10, 2008: Radio Free Asia has covered the plight of the workers at Polar Twin Advance in an article in Vietnamese published today on the RFA site.

Hong, whose home province is Ninh Binh and who arrived in 2006, spoke to [reporter] Thanh Truc from Penang on behalf of her colleagues about their difficult situation:

“For more than two months we’ve been staying home, without money to eat. We’ve finished every last thing we have and have to go out in the street asking for vegetables, asking for papayas from some of the Chinese families in order to live through the day. Since we haven’t had any work, we haven’t had any meat or fish to eat at all. For rice, we’re using up some money we had with us. We share with each other – whoever’s got rice divides it with the others; we cook and eat it together.”



  1. actually the managing director is eating the the employee money by unwanted reason issues example medical,overtime not in paid properly and simple given system error whereby pay will reduct.these have been going almost 1 1/2 years, when we ask why,they said will back pay,when the following month they pay there will be another deduction,the same question will inform,when the employee ask why always happen,the managing director will expend them as he like without giving any per lobour law these should not happen to any one,as a human rights,they should solve the problem and not simple suspend the employee,so what will happen,the employee have to survive,they do unhealty activies which help them to survive. WHAT SHELL THE COMPANY DO NOW,IS IT TO IMPROVE OR DO AS WHAT LIKE COZ OF THEIR COMPANY EVEN THOUGH POLAR(FINLAND) AS BIG SHARE ALSO THE COMPANY PLAY THEM OUT, BY GIVING FALSE REPORT OF FINANCELY IN COMPANY IN BIG LOSS,NOW THE POLAR OF FINLAND ALSO SUE THEM,AND WENT TO THE COMPANY TO GET THE DOCUMENT AROUND EARLY OF THE YEAR 2006. FOR YOUR INFO THE POLAR TWIN ADVANCE,IS WHERE THE MANAGING DIRECTOR SUCK THE EMPLOYEE BLOOD WITH DEDUCT/SUSPEND EMPLOYEE WITHOUT ANY REASON.ALL STAFF OF POLAR TWIN ADVANCE ARE PUPPET EXPECT THE MANAGING DIRECTOR.PLS BE AWARE OF POLAR TWIN ADVANCE IN FUTURE?????

  2. I also previously his worker. Sy lee (managing derector) is the sucker of human blood. every month he pay sallary less. if ask to superior than they said system problem.

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