Posted by: BPSOS | April 25, 2008

Key Reports & Briefs: Vietnamese Gov’t Attacks BPSOS for Strike Support

Amateurishly doctored photograph purporting to show the head of BPSOS. Click here to see in original Vietnamese press article.

APRIL 25, 2008: The official organ of Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security has launched a ferocious diatribe against BPSOS and its executive director, Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang. On March 21, its article titled “Portrait of the Labor Unrest Instigator in Jordan” denounced Dr. Thang’s “trip to Jordan to instigate the Vietnamese workers to quit work and seek repatriation,” calling the trip “part of the hostile forces intent on sabotaging Vietnam.”

Interestingly, Dr. Thang has never been to Jordan. The article carries fabricated information (including Thang’s age and background) and many false allegations. The article concludes that “the instigation and oppositional work of Nguyen Dinh Thang surely will be punished in accordance with Vietnamese and international laws.” Click here to see the original article.

The March 24 follow-up article titled “Regarding Vietnamese Laborers’ Strike in Jordan: Early Intervention to Protect the Workers” charges Dr. Thang with instigating “workers to stop work, sneak out, go on strike or demand to return to Vietnam in his scheme to politicize the issue in order to incite [the workers] to sabotage Vietnam for so-called ‘democracy, human rights, and freedom of speech,’ etc.” This article, which is also sprinkled with false information and false allegations, can be read by clicking here.

Even more outrageous was the article dated April 7 from the same publication (click here to see original). This article carries more fabricated information and false allegations. It even shows a picture purportedly of Dr. Thang and Ngo Thi Hien (aka Helen Ngo, who chairs the Committee for Religious Freedom in Vietnam). The picture has been doctored in a rather hilariously poor fashion. The original picture, taken by BPSOS staff, features two senior citizens volunteering with the BPSOS branch office in Houston in its relief drive for Katrina victims in late 2005.




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