Posted by: BPSOS | March 26, 2008

Key Reports & Briefs: State Dept.: Jordan Destination for Labor Exploitation

March 26, 2008: Jordan is a destination and transit country for women and men from South and Southeast Asia trafficked for the purpose of labor exploitation, according to the latest Trafficking in Persons report by the US Department of State.

Men and women face conditions of involuntary servitude in factories in Jordan’s Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs), where they encounter “[F]orced labor, including withholding of passports, non-payment of wages, extended working hours, lack of access to food, water, and medical care, and physical or sexual abuse.”

All of these abuses except for the last have been reported by the Vietnamese women who are on strike at W&D Apparel.

To read more in the 2007 State Dept. report on Trafficking in Persons, click here.


A striking Vietnamese woman takes care of a sick co-worker at W&D Apparel’s QIZ factory in the Tajamouat Industrial Estate. The strikers have not been able to access medical care when needed, sometimes in desperate situations.


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